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Discussing the effects of culture on people, communities, and the lives we lead.

Power of Truth

There are over seven billion people on this planet, and in the absolute chaos in which we exist, we impact such an insignificant fraction of the population that it comes as no surprise that we don’t understand one another. This lack of understanding leads to¬† border disputes, cultural misunderstandings, quarrels, and even warfare. We are conditioned to fear the unknown, a fear that’s fueled by the incredible number of humans on this planet, the distances between all of us, and the cultural differences involved in every community. The sheer magnitude of our numbers makes it impossible for us to exist in a world of anything except unknowns. And yet, here we are, co-existing on this planet in some degree, and destroying each other in others. But if there is one thing that I have learned as I’ve traveled the world and attempting to fit in everywhere I go, if there’s one unifying factor for all of humanity, it’s trust. Continue reading


Building a Culture

As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), I exist in a world where the single most crucial part of life is culture. I know a lot of what most people coin as “useless information,” but the funny thing about useless information is how incredibly useful it is at the most random of times. I gather up these little pearls of valueless knowledge without even realizing I’m doing it. This extends so far beyond simple facts. I watch people closely, reading their every expression and every reaction. I do this because I was raised in a world where words were a barrier to my existence. I grew up in so many different places with so many different cultures that the easiest way to communicate was in silence. Continue reading