My Immortality

I am immortal.

This is the power of argument and free thought, right here, in this simple fact. I am immortal. I state with absolute certainty that I am the only person on this planet that possesses the power of immortality. I know this because I have survived where others haven’t for 24 years, living longer than some, without ever once dying. I have been in situations that could have easily resulted in my death, and yet here I am, still alive and still immortal. Nothing can stop me, and the proof of that is nothing ever has. From the day that I was born until this very moment, I have continued to be alive, and so I must by all definitions of proof be immortal.

If you challenge this fact, then I challenge you to prove it wrong. See, the truth of the matter is that you have two options when it comes to proof. You can believe what I am telling you as fact, because as it stands I am certainly undefeated when it comes to challenging death, or you can try to bring death to me. The problem, however, is that I am what I am right now. Should death ever come knocking at my door, I would no longer be me. The person I am is alive and immortal, and should that immortality ever cease to exist, then I suppose I must no longer be me.

I exist in my own universe, a world of perception that no other living creature can share. I see the world and analyze it with an immortal brain that no other creature can ever experience, and so I exist in a universe of my own. I am immortal, and I can never be stopped. Death will never come to me. It may greet this body one day, but that body will no longer be mine, because this man is immortal. He has never died, and so all evidence supports my immortality. If I were to die tomorrow, I would never know. I would die believing I were immortal, because my brain and who I am would cease to exist. I would die knowing that I lived forever.

This is the power of argument and free thought, right here, in this simple fact. This is the power of irrational reasoning. This is the power of believing that something is true based on faith. This is the power of belief in something completely absurd, all because it can never be proven wrong in the eyes of the believer.

This is the power of ignorance.


2 thoughts on “My Immortality

    1. jamesrmitchener Post author

      As much as I’d love to jump onboard that bandwagon and agree, I’m afraid I must settle with a simple thank you, and a proud smile. So thank you, he said, smiling.


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