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The Zombie Education Plan: The Zombie Bio

The future of the human race is severely limited, or at least it is today. We exist on one planet and one planet alone, essentially trapped in a bubble in which our entire species resides. If something apocalyptic were to ever happen to our world, that would pretty much be the end of us as a species. Right now, there’s no scientifically possible way for us to prevent this. We can’t seed other planets, we can’t hop on a space ship and just move shop, and we can’t jump through time to avoid the disaster. We’re essentially screwed. Continue reading


My Immortality

I am immortal.

This is the power of argument and free thought, right here, in this simple fact. I am immortal. I state with absolute certainty that I am the only person on this planet that possesses the power of immortality. I know this because I have survived where others haven’t for 24 years, living longer than some, without ever once dying. I have been in situations that could have easily resulted in my death, and yet here I am, still alive and still immortal. Nothing can stop me, and the proof of that is nothing ever has. From the day that I was born until this very moment, I have continued to be alive, and so I must by all definitions of proof be immortal. Continue reading